Resignation Letter

Dear Internet,

I quit.

It’s about time that I should stop doing things and take a long break. I get it, no one wants his Twitter and/or Tumblr timeline to be infested with rants, especially if it’s something that can be solved “easily” in many other ways.

But this is not a rant anymore. It’s a final decision. I did put much thought into it so I definitely will not regret it. After all, I’ve been doing this for about a decade – first as a community manager, then as a game developer, and more recently, as a content creator. It’s just too tiring to try very hard at something that is not meant for me. I just keep getting fucked on no matter what I do. Shit like Crashie Brand, Fighting is Magic, and so on.

In all honesty, it’s not a matter of the amount of effort being put here, it’s about the audience that doesn’t seem to care what I’m doing. No one will know that I even wrote this post either, but I’m fine with it.  Why would I waste all my energy in things that doesn’t change anything? I might as well stop everything that I’m doing here. It’s not like anyone’s got get badly affected by it. Nothing will change. The internet is increasingly becoming disagreeable and anti with people going online and being fucking morons, and I should really just stop doing everything. You can say that I’m just nagging again and desperate for attention yadda yadda yadda but that’s the reality right there, and I’m pretty sure you can relate to it.

Before I go, I do want to say thank you all for the support so far. But I really can’t continue wasting all of my effort. I have bigger things to do in real life that are much better than this virtual world. We are responsible for treating each other however we want and each and every action determines who we are.



With lots of love,


News Release (3/19/2018)

Elacturic Crashie Brand.png

What Actually Happened

I would like to sincerely apologize in regards to the recent event. But it’s more than just a lie. There’s more to it if you stay and read it.

My life has been riddled with many issues, some recently while some were still going as strong as they were last year or so. I will not go into detail on the issues I have, as a few of them really hurt me. In short, I really felt the need to be ridiculed because I’ve been ridiculed irl and also in the past before I actually had friends both realistically and virtually (especially the latter), something which I didn’t have for many years. The thing is, I’ve always been called someone who makes people unlucky. Anytime I’m around, something really bad will happen to anyone of them. I don’t know, I just really feel that I’m a sad loser who only causes trouble. Sorry if I sound too depressing and cliche, but that’s how I felt. Some may say that I can just take a break from it but I just really like to feel miserable for some reason. No one will understand me except for myself.

The original plan was to just fake the death and come back a few days later, but I didn’t expect my friend (who is helping with it) to make things blow out of proportion. That’s when I thought it wasn’t good. I thought it was unjust of him to not step up and lend a hand when things got out of hands.

I have never taken any drugs and I never will. I also will not do things for the attention or money. Those are not true and people who say so should stop. As for the last time which people claimed that I tried to “fake death” before by saying that I died due to alcohol poisoning, that was false. I truly did entered the hospital. The only thing is that there were miscommunications and exaggerations made by Aurora staff members back in the day.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I do apologize for making everyone upset, and I’ll make sure that it never happens again. In regards to the death threats and spiteful words received, I have already reported each and every message on the social media platforms. Any such remarks in future will also be reported without hesitation.


March 14 2018.png

Mark your calendars! 27 is coming!

In this event, a few things will be revealed and many beans will be split, including Faith. Those things are Crashie Brand and Elacturic Brand related. It also happens to be my birthday too, so that will be the cherry on top.

Some things will be more than just a reveal. In fact, some things will be released on that day! The reveal will come in a series of posts and videos, starting off with the flagship of the event.

27 will be happening on March 14, 2018, at 4PM EST.

That’s all for now!

~ Crashie

Chillout Nation – Official Launch

Chillout Nation is a new Discord server I made today and truth be told, it is more than just a replacement for Netsky Network.

Originally created to accommodate the Crashie Brand stuff, it later established itself to become the spiritual successor to Netsky Network. As the owner of the new server, I will make sure that drama will be kept to a minimum, while still retaining the fun factor. Let’s get serious this time. No exceptions! If you really can’t keep your mouth shut, we have a dedicated channel just for drama.

Currently, there is no theme for the server yet. A theme is needed otherwise we will look like any other ordinary server. Looking like an average normal server will result in low activity. We are looking to improve, add and consider any of the following:

  • Purpose of server
  • Channels/categories
  • New staff
  • Roles
  • Bots
  • Events/competitions
  • Anything wild so long as it doesn’t break the rules

In all, some will say that it’s a bad server and that honestly does not bother me at all. The naysayers can say what they want to say, but Chillout Nation is here to stay!


News Release (2/7/2018) – Scars That Show and #DevelopToGame Cancelled

Scars That Show DevelopToGame.png

With effect from February 7 2018, the game Scars That Show and campaign #DevelopToGame has been cancelled due to low interest and a huge deficit incurred from both projects, rendering them unsustainable. Should you have any inquiries and/or further information, please send an email to

~ Crashie

News Release (1/19/2018) – The Future Of Crashie


Crashie In 2018.png

Solving all problems, once and for all

Ambitions to be a game developer were killed off. Elacturic was disbanded. ManeFrame Games was disbanded. The fanbase is drying up rapidly. Views and subscribers on the YouTube channel have been declining. Even the solutions that were supposed to solve those problems didn’t really go far. The number of partners signing up and interest in Crashie Brand has dropped, and they are many underutilized sub-brands. It’s like a temporary structure which is only just a short-term measure and is currently gonna collapse at any point.

It is undesirable to continue going towards the direction that Crashie is going right now. Although the situation is better than what was before in 2016, losses are being made such as the ones mentioned above.

The Mission

i-am-crashie-reborn UPDATED

The mission right now is to revive and rejuvenate Crashie. Efforts have been done do this such as the I AM CRASHIE. REBORN. project. I will be expanding the project further and make amendments to it to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Plan

The following plan is subject to change and is not final.

Crashie Brand

As mentioned earlier, Crashie Brand has been losing interest and there are not many people signing up for it anymore. A restructuring of the brand is necessary. To start off, a new experimental framework and system will be implemented for selected partners that I feel will be more beneficial and efficient. There will be a better focus on the alliance part of the brand where partners will not only helps each other with regards to content creation but also prevents any drama from happening within servers and brings communities together. The focus on content creation will be kept.

We will also need more partners to sustain the brand and thus making the brand more useful than it seems right now. While it may not seem like the brand is doing anything on the surface, it is actually doing something internally. To attract partners, we definitely need the brand to actually do something on the surface, and that is something that The Crashie Team will be working on.

Elacturic Brand

As a brand dedicated to gaming, there will be a need to develop it further to include fighting game clans and gaming communities. Games will also be developed and published under the brand. It is also possible to publish games developed by third parties or Crashie Brand partners but The Crashie Team and the third parties will have to come to a consensus. We will never ever take credit for making the game, rather it helps smaller development teams and developers to get recognized for their hard work, similar to Crashie Brand. A partnership program is being considered for it, which will help a lot in getting fighting game clans and gaming communities to join the brand.

As remnants of a game development team who worked on My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Premium and My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Supremium, a game development team will be set up to reinforce the nature of being a gaming-focused brand. A new Fighting is Magic version is also being considered as well, though as mentioned earlier none of these ideas are confirmed.

In a nutshell

By simply killing off Crashie Brand and other projects is simply killing off potential and the amount of effort, time and money spent on those projects, especially when it’s something that can really grow and reach out. I don’t want to underachieve, and I don’t think you want to too. Of course, Crashie is not without its faults at the moment, though I feel that it currently is going through a vicious cycle. I’m definitely going to be doing something about it and I pledge to fix all issues with it.

That’s all for now!

~ Crashie