News Release (1/19/2018) – The Future Of Crashie


Crashie In 2018.png

Solving all problems, once and for all

Ambitions to be a game developer were killed off. Elacturic was disbanded. ManeFrame Games was disbanded. The fanbase is drying up rapidly. Views and subscribers on the YouTube channel have been declining. Even the solutions that were supposed to solve those problems didn’t really go far. The number of partners signing up and interest in Crashie Brand has dropped, and they are many underutilized sub-brands. It’s like a temporary structure which is only just a short-term measure and is currently gonna collapse at any point.

It is undesirable to continue going towards the direction that Crashie is going right now. Although the situation is better than what was before in 2016, losses are being made such as the ones mentioned above.

The Mission

i-am-crashie-reborn UPDATED

The mission right now is to revive and rejuvenate Crashie. Efforts have been done do this such as the I AM CRASHIE. REBORN. project. I will be expanding the project further and make amendments to it to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Plan

The following plan is subject to change and is not final.

Crashie Brand

As mentioned earlier, Crashie Brand has been losing interest and there are not many people signing up for it anymore. A restructuring of the brand is necessary. To start off, a new experimental framework and system will be implemented for selected partners that I feel will be more beneficial and efficient. There will be a better focus on the alliance part of the brand where partners will not only helps each other with regards to content creation but also prevents any drama from happening within servers and brings communities together. The focus on content creation will be kept.

We will also need more partners to sustain the brand and thus making the brand more useful than it seems right now. While it may not seem like the brand is doing anything on the surface, it is actually doing something internally. To attract partners, we definitely need the brand to actually do something on the surface, and that is something that The Crashie Team will be working on.

Elacturic Brand

As a brand dedicated to gaming, there will be a need to develop it further to include fighting game clans and gaming communities. Games will also be developed and published under the brand. It is also possible to publish games developed by third parties or Crashie Brand partners but The Crashie Team and the third parties will have to come to a consensus. We will never ever take credit for making the game, rather it helps smaller development teams and developers to get recognized for their hard work, similar to Crashie Brand. A partnership program is being considered for it, which will help a lot in getting fighting game clans and gaming communities to join the brand.

As remnants of a game development team who worked on My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Premium and My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Supremium, a game development team will be set up to reinforce the nature of being a gaming-focused brand. A new Fighting is Magic version is also being considered as well, though as mentioned earlier none of these ideas are confirmed.

In a nutshell

By simply killing off Crashie Brand and other projects is simply killing off potential and the amount of effort, time and money spent on those projects, especially when it’s something that can really grow and reach out. I don’t want to underachieve, and I don’t think you want to too. Of course, Crashie is not without its faults at the moment, though I feel that it currently is going through a vicious cycle. I’m definitely going to be doing something about it and I pledge to fix all issues with it.

That’s all for now!

~ Crashie


The Logic Is Gone

Disclaimer: This is not meant to ruin anyone’s reputation as it’s a serious discussion and is purely my own personal opinion based on my experience. The world is full of different people with different opinions and you’re gonna hear a bunch of them. If you can’t take the criticism, give me back the criticism and go somewhere else to do instead. If you wish to sue me for defamation, I’ll be obliged to gratify and dance with you.

It’s about time I need to address something that needs to be addressed, and I’m pretty sure that most of you are aware of it too.

But let’s just get to the point. I really hope no one has the displeasure of meeting with WindozeLogic Productions. He is without a doubt one of the most unpleasant and stuck-up assholes I’ve ever met in my life. In the past, I’ve done nothing but to love and support this guy all along. He doesn’t believe it, but it’s the truth. If I wasn’t doing so, he wouldn’t even be existing right now. He’s just way too broken right now, and the bigger problem is that he doesn’t care or even notice that he’s doing something that is actually hurting him no matter how hard he tries to sweep everything below the carpet and act like nothing has happened. Too bad for him.


We were friends for over 4 years now, before even Aurora Community existed. We had a love-hate relationship which became more prominent in the later years. When we started out being friends, I thought he was a really good person to talk to. Furthermore, he’s a techie. That’s definitely a bonus for me as being friends with techies is something that was rare for me back then. He’s genius at programming too. He made a front-end (shell) replacement for Windows called WLP Hub. Even though it’s not something I would use every day (apparently he doesn’t too), it does demonstrate his programming capabilities and I felt really happy for him.

Of course, there’s a balance between the good things and the bad things. He is also a person with faults in various areas too which is understandable. He can be depressed sometimes when something goes wrong (eg. relationships) and in more extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. I tried to confront and calm him down, and it worked for the most part. After that, everything’s back to normal, happy and stable again. Good times.

I helped WindowsLogic with his various projects, and he did the same to me too. It was a mutual benefit which really paid off in the end. I even get to have access to Tim’s projects and things that no one does. It was really nice and kind of him, and I appreciate it. As years gone by, he also admitted to having a crush on me before. While I do not have any sort of feelings to him, I can see why. If he needed any help, I would be the first one who will be there for him.

While he may not be someone who is without his instability as mentioned earlier, I really admired what he does. To be able to be friends for over 4 years is quite a feat in my opinion. Not every friendship ships last that long and even if one may not have any bitter feelings towards the other person, they would still be distant as they haven’t talked to each other for a long time. I have to say that I’m impressed with what I’m seeing, and I’m happy with what I’ve done. Hopefully, he is too.

The Aggression

2016 was a name-calling year for WindowsLogic. He was accused of being a pedophile by stalking small underaged girls, in which he denies. While I can’t really comment on it much as I’m not 100% sure of the incident, the word itself is rather hurtful. This does not mean that I’m siding with anyone specifically but if I were to be in WindowsLogic’s shoes, I will feel like a knife has stabbed into my heart.

Wanting To Be Boyfriend Talk 5 - Forcing It On
The “sweet talk”. The one with the white chat bubbles is WindowsLogic and the one with blue is Emily who was 14 at the time of this conversation. Tim on the other hand? 16/17.

During this period, I can feel a lot of aggression coming from WindowsLogic. He has blocked people everywhere in social media. Twitter, YouTube, you name it! I can understand that he’s angry at people who have accused him, but he has also started being angry at people who didn’t accuse him or is just not aware of it. Being absent on Skype, it really made close friends of his worried, including myself. I can also see that he has vented anger towards me even if I’m not aware of what has happened at the time. This is where I feel that he can improve on, which is anger management. I don’t think throwing tantrum is nice…

The good news is that everything was mostly resolved when 2017 sets in. People saw their mistakes, people apologized. Let bygones be bygones. He was allowed back into a Discord community which previously banned him for being a pedophile. Like what happened before between us, everything was back to normal again. I won’t be talking about the incident again from this point onwards as mentioned earlier, I only have a rough idea of what happened.

You may have noticed that I used the word “mostly”. That means that it technically isn’t resolved. A few people still accused him. And his personality was, well… let’s just say that it’s slightly different from the WindowsLogic I know. Those accusations seemed to have affected him badly. It was a traumatic and agonizing experience. For the record, he still was doing fine for a while but after that, it all collapsed again. He left the community and went back to blocking people. From then on, it’s on and off. He will left but join back in again. After weeks or so, he’ll leave again.

This is also where our love-hate relationship started to become prominent. I was accused of siding with someone who he doesn’t like, even though it’s not true as I want to have my own opinions. I don’t want to blindly side with someone unless we share common points and reasons to do things that WindowsLogic doesn’t like. The same applies to his own Discord community too. I’ve lost count of how many times he has recreated, cleared and deleted his server. Even things like suspecting that everyone (except himself) is liking the community so much and are against his server can get his server being cleared of all messages and channels. When he gets so depressed he would destroy his own server even if it’s his own issue that no one can really fix except for him.

From WindowsLogic to WindozeLogic

Fast forward to late 2017 and I noticed that WindowsLogic is getting more and more different from what I know originally. Before, he was nice and didn’t mind any criticism so long as it’s constructive. Now, he can’t even take criticism AT ALL. Saying that his logo is crap can get you stricken and being put on the blacklist where all his archenemies are. Moreover, he has become very arrogant and untrustworthy of people, even towards me. Bullies have made fun of victim, but do you see the victim making fun of the bullies? This is where it starts to get really strange. Person X has made fun of WindowsLogic previously by making memes of WindowsLogic which he doesn’t like. Okay, Person X stopped. That’s good. After sometime later, WindozeLogic started making fun of Person X even when they both agreed to not bother each other anymore. Coming to a consensus of not making fun of each other while WindozeLogic is doing the exact opposite (seemingly as a “revenge) is just bullshit.

What’s worse is that WindozeLogic has backstabbed me literally. Firstly, he leaked information about Faith when he’s not supposed to. This is when I started to really fire up.  I can’t talk about Faith much because it hasn’t been revealed to the public yet as of writing this post, but I think he’s jealous that I’m working on something that’s “better” than his projects. Even suspecting that I have people helping me when it’s not true. For the record, he worked on his projects all by himself. That just shows that WindozeLogic doesn’t trust me at all as a friend.

Secondly, WindozeLogic has used the Crashie Productions channel he had access to, to insult someone he loathed on his stream chat (the person was streaming.) Here are some screenshots of what he said in the chat:



Fortunately, people were smart enough to know that it wasn’t me and is actually WindozeLogic. That was really screwed up so I had to revoke his access. I wonder where on earth he came up with the idea of using the Crashie Productions channel in the first place. Why would he even do that? By misusing shows that he seems to hate me a lot, eh? So in order to make my life miserable, he tried to impersonate me? What have I ever done?

But that’s not the end. This is where he really played the victim card and gone way too fucking far!


Thirdly, WindozeLogic banned me from his server and blocked me everywhere like everyone else he hates, apparently because I revoked his access from the channel. His reasoning for it (which I have to get someone else to ask him as he blocked me) was because he assumed that I was “friends” with that streamer. Seriously? I can feel a sense of salt in there. The truth is that we’re neither friends or enemies; we just don’t talk to each other a lot. Even so, why does it matter if I’m “friends” with that guy? He should know very well that I’m not a person who blindly sides with people as I’m a fair person. You also can’t assume either. I should be the one who’s angry as he misused the channel. That just highlights yet another failure of our friendship, and honestly, it was him who made it difficult.

I rest my case for now. If there’s anything that I had to add on, I will do so in the not too distant future. But for now, I’m gonna be staying clear of WindozeLogic Productions. One of the most stuck-up, arrogant and obnoxious people I’ve ever seen in my life. I am open to an apology from him if he even cares.

I want WindowsLogic, not WindozeLogic.

He’s not who he used to be.

The logic is gone.

Faith – January 2018

Faith January 2018

Faith will be revealed sometime in January 2018 starting from today until the end of the month!

(It won’t be revealed today.)

Should I go back to FiM? (Poll Results)

As of December 26 2017, the poll “Should I go back to Fighting is Magic?” has received 32 votes in total.

94% (30 votes) voted for YES
6% (2 votes) voted for NO

Winner: YES

Should I go back to FiM? (Poll)

NOT a rant, trust me.

I left out something when I was writing the “Give me a chance” post, which is a poll.

The poll is simple. The question of the poll is, Should I go back to Fighting is Magic? Arguably this has already been done in an earlier poll asking you guys whether I should do original work, FiM, join other dev teams or quit. I wouldn’t say that poll is very clear in terms of whether I would want to do what people want me to do (which would be the option that has the highest number of votes) or not. The options are simple too – Yes and No. That’s all there is really, and I would appreciate if you participate in the poll! It will really help me.


Please do not abuse the poll by using VPNs and try to vote for the same option multiple times. That will really not help me at all.

If you have not seen the “Give me a chance” post, here it is!

Once again thank you all for the support.

~ Crashie

Project Crashie 2018 – We want you!

Project Crashie 2018.png

Project Crashie is back for 2018!

It is an initiative launched to encourage content creators to partner with us and join Crashie Brand!

Crashie Brand is a different kind of network. We do not just offer assistance to content creators who want to get recognized. We prominently feature every content that our amazing content creators have done. We help content creators grow their smaller brands and content creation studios by putting them together with bigger and well-established ones through the Project Crashie program. By putting established brands and smaller brands together, the smaller brands can get recognition as they’re all in one place. In addition, we also operate our own system of services. They’re heavily designed for ease of use and functionality.

Under the partnership contract, partners can create great content for everyone and hence contribute back to the brand, to keep the brand alive and growing. To start off, they can create YouTube videos and upload them our core YouTube channel, Crashie Productions. They certainly have the potential for viewership and popularity growth as more and more content creators join in. Plans to include more services that partners can contribute to in future are underway.

Partners play a huge role in contributing to both of our core Youtube Channels. Your creations can get noticed without having to start a new YouTube channel with Crashie Productions having more than 7000 subscribers. Content uploaded to Youtube channels can range from Let’s Play videos to commentaries and even podcasts. They have to be professional, of course. That is because I believe EVERY content created will be professional. As long as it isn’t anything that’s offensive or is a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service (ToS), they are all good to go. Just use common sense.

Partners can also contribute the brand itself by introducing more sub-brands to Crashie Brand that we believe our users can have a worry free journey around your service. Partners will also be able to administer their sub-brand as they will be given the privilege to do so. Since they are the ones who created the sub-brands, they will be the ones who will take ownership and responsibility for them. Other related resources and assets will be made available as well.

What’s new for Project Crashie 2018?

1. SwiftServer

We’re introducing a new way of partnering and affiliating with Discord servers – SwiftServer.


SwiftServer is here to provide the best of the best but unnoticed servers. We provide different offers for server owners who would like to increase the activity of their servers. We offer solutions for server owners to help their servers grow in popularity.

Server Partnership
We offer server partnerships, which work on a simple basis – all servers are listed on a partner list. This is a recommended solution for owners with servers with more members, which look for a good place to boost their popularity.
Server Merge
The merging solution is a solution made for small servers with small amounts of users, most communities. Under SwiftServer, the server will be merged with one of our servers that fits the category. All roles will also be handed to the members of the previous server. Of course, before merging, we do need to set out a plan to work out on how to merging will work.
Currently, SwiftServer is not commissioned yet and its feasbility is still being discussed and studied. It will be commissioned at a later date.

2. Crashie Productions 3

Crashie Productions 3 Teaser

Crashie Productions 3  is a channel for really unprofessional and YouTube Poop videos by partners following feedback from them. This is to ensure that we don’t mess up the current channels with unprofessional things. Crashie Productions and Crashie Productions 2 are for professional content only.
What can be on Crashie Productions 3:
  • Unprofessional videos (either deemed by the partner or the management team of the brand)
  • YouTube Poops
  • Literally anything.

What can NOT be on Crashie Productions 3:

  • Content violating YouTube’s Terms Of Service (ToS)
  • Content violating Crashie Brand Guidelines (explained later in the post)

Currently, Crashie Productions 3 is not commissioned yet and its feasbility is still being discussed and studied. It will be commissioned at a later date.

3. Others

  • Because we know you want freedom, we now offer sub-brands of sub-brands. Previously, closely related sub-brands are grouped separately instead of being sub-brands of a bigger sub-brand of Crashie.
  • Gaming on the GO – We now offer partnerships with game communities, clans, and groups! We accept any genre and form of gaming.

Before partnering with us, here are a few things you should know.

Crashie Brand Guidelines for great justice. Partners are to obey the following guidelines. Failure to do so will result in termination of the partnership. The management team reserves the rights to take any disciplinary actions towards partners that violate the guidelines or rules that are not listed here.

  • Content is rated G to PG-13. It is designed to be content friendly that appeals to everyone.
  • Our official language is English. Please communicate with us using only that language.
  • Be respectful to your fellow partners and the management team. Arguments, wars and personal attacks can be very disruptive and ugly.
  • Be yourself. Don’t impersonate your partners or the management team.
  • NSFW content which includes but are not limited to nudity, pornography, R34, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • No political or religious content.
  • No obnoxious, threatening, abusive, defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory messages in any way, shape, and form.
  • Illegal/pirated software, spyware, adware, illicit and warez content are not allowed.
  • Just use common sense.

Only join the brand if you’re serious about content creation. Crashie Brand is not a huge joke or a thing to play around with. If you’re only joining the brand with the sole purpose of self-promoting your content, you’re better off not joining the brand at all.

Effects and benefits may not be significant for a start. Due to the relatively new and bleeding edge technology of the brand, not everyone will benefit from the brand. Rest assured, The Crashie Team will do its best and make sure that every partner and contribution counts.

It’s still experimental that is in active development. Crashie Brand works in a different way than other content creation networks. Each amendment may not only make the brand better but also creates new challenges for it. In general, nobody can predict Crashie Brand’s future.

Official Discord Server

We have a Discord server for announcements and discussions of Crashie Brand for our partners. It is encouraged that you join the server to keep things simple and the lives of the management at The Crashie Team easier.

Discord Server – Netsky Community:

The invite link can be found at the website.

NOTE: For verification purposes, we will need your Discord discriminator (eg. Crashie#9578) to be filled in the form.

Interested in making content creation possible? Partner with us now!

Sign Up

Faith – Updates, News and More!

I just released another video today, this time detailing updates on what’s going on and what Faith is really about! Not really much of an update but it’s still an update!

Also, I opted to use the video method this time cuz why not. The post method got boring.